Workshops and Projects

The Spoken World offer bespoke workshops tailored to your own particular subject or theme.

Previous workshops and projects have covered subjects such as:

  • Drugs

  • Domestic Violence

  • Isolation

  • Mental Health

  • Disability

  • Immigration

  • Drama for Literacy

  • Democracy (its all Greek to me)

  • The person I want to be

All  of our workshops are designed to support current secondary schools curriculums and practices.

Our workshops aid in the development of oratory skills.  Not only are words used to give a meaning to the performance but the voice, volume, inflexion, pitch, pauses and speed of a person contributes to the entire recitation experience, enhancing the meaning.

Students develop vocal reasoning skills enabling them to communicate thoughts and ideas in a clear and concise way.

Many of the important concepts, strategies, and skills taught as part of our workshops are portable. Skills practiced can transfer readily to other content areas.